We are a team of professionals bringing you over 100 years of appraisal experience.

Charles HoranProfessional Designation: MAI, member #6534 of the Appraisal Institute; Certification: State of Alaska General Appraiser AA41; Education: University of San Francisco, Bachelor of Science Business Administration 1973; Role on Team: Senior Appraiser, Mentor, CEO

Charles is a Senior Appraiser, Mentor, and the CEO of Horan & Company. With 35 years of experience appraising in Southeast, Central, Coastal, and Northern Interior Alaskan communities, he has specialized in unique and complex commercial and industrial properties.Charles is sought out to do complex, remote, unique lands throughout the state. He has given numerous lectures presentations on various subjects ranging from “What is an Appraisal?” to housing markets, and created the Easement Valuation Seminar. He is a mentor to his staff and provides resources and guidance that will ensure continuous improvement.

Josh HoranCertification: State of Alaska General Appraiser 123317; Education: Georgetown University, Washington, DC, BA Foreign Service; Role on Team: Residential/Commercial Appraiser

Josh joined the company in 2004 and is our Senior Residential Appraiser, as well as a Certified General Appraiser. He is an accomplished State-Certified Residential Appraiser. He has tremendous vision for the future technological advancement of the appraisal art. In addition to hundreds of residential properties, he has experience in complex land valuations, has assisted in commercial land appraisals and participated in the development of multiple municipal assessment roll preparations.

Slater FergusonCertification: State of Alaska General Appraiser 133619 Education: Western Oregon University, BS Geography. Role on Team: Residential/Commercial Appraiser

Slater started at Horan & Company in 2012 after graduating from Western Oregon University with a degree in Geography. Beginning at the firm as an administrative assistant, he gained valuable experience working alongside the appraisers aiding in both commercial and residential fieldwork, research, and report development. Slater has also been a part of multiple assessment teams for both the Municipality of Skagway and the City of Craig. In 2014, he became an Appraiser Trainee became a Certified General Appraiser in 2018.

Henry RobinsonEducation: Computer Networking, University of Alaska; Role on Team: Network Administrator, Database Manger, Research and Data Analyst.

Henry is our IT Specialist. He is responsible for the development of new technologies, improving those currently in place, and maintaining our extensive database.