Municipal and Government Services

We have provided contract assessment services for over 35 years. This includes making property inventories, mass appraisal valuations and annual updates. We represent the municipalities at the board of equalization and answer property owner’s questions not resolved by municipal staff.

Horan and Company has developed an electronic Municipal Assessment Record System (MARS). This allows the municipality to have a sortable inventory of property and valuation information to interface with their accounting software, fill out the State Assessors annual report, provide transparency for taxpayers and enhances staff’s understanding of the valuation process. This system also has crossover applications for planning, public works, and other municipal departments.

We provide lease rental valuation and renewal appraisals, right-of-way acquisition services, permit fee schedules, mass appraisals and valuation modeling. Sometimes more generalized studies with ranges of values for particular real estate types are often more efficient then individual appraisals for agencies to implement user fee schedules or to make informed management decisions about how the best use of their real estate.