Alaska Land Value Experts

Alaska has a vast rugged diverse landscape. Most of the land is owned by federal and state governments. The bulk of the remaining land is owned by public institutions (Municipalities, University Land Trust and the Mental Health Land Trust) or Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) corporations. Alaska is a nondisclosure state meaning land transaction prices are not made public. The limited number of private land transactions and lack of public disclosure provides unique appraisal challenges in Alaska.

For years, we have been engaged in appraising unique property interest and special land types such as industrial waterfront lands, tidelands, remote industrial tracks, remote recreation lands, wilderness and conservation lands, timberlands, surface, subsurface, rock, sand & gravel royalties, speculative mineral reserves, conservation easements, underground and overhead utility easements, rights of way, etc.

To meet this challenge and assure the most accurate market understanding of these specialized land types, we have developed a sophisticated database, which inventories thousands of transactions with dozens of sortable fields to identify and analyze data in every region in the state. This gives us the ability to query and have an in-depth understanding of this unique and diverse market. Our appraisal experience spans from Southeast Alaska to the Aleutians to central, coastal and interior Alaska.