Real Estate Counseling and Presentations

Often times a client has a real estate problem or wishes to gain more in-depth understanding of certain real estate issues that does not require a complete appraisal report. We provide real estate counseling to help clients work through decisions on how to proceed with their real estate issues. This can take the form of a simple phone conversation or a more in-depth analysis and detailed report. Generally counseling is the first step in an attempt to determine project feasibility, how to proceed in resolving disputes, ownership partitioning, evaluate the merits of a lawsuit or a tax assessment appeal, for example.

Sometimes property owners, government agencies, nonprofits, or corporate boards may wish to get a better understanding of the market in general or specific aspects of real estate. We have developed market information and made presentations to nonprofits, state and federal government agencies and private corporations. These have included seminars on conservation easements, application of the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisition, analysis of real estate trends in a particular region, how to understand the appraisals process, etc. Additionally, we have made public presentations about housing markets and real estate trends in general in particular markets. We are available to make presentations for your agency or company tailored to your need to understand a particular aspect of the Alaska real estate market or the appraisal process.

We provide appraisal review services and assist in acquisition negotiations and mediation, as well. Feel free to call and discuss your particular real estate evaluation needs. In many instances it's better to move forward with a brief consultation when a complete appraisal is unnecessary.